Friday, October 17, 2008

What's with Edward Norton?

Mmmm. I find that man so attractive. He is in a suit on Conan O'Brien right now. Wow. I like him so much. He is not exactly the typical hunk. I guess the better question is what's with me?

Hooray for Health!

Based on my own written word I cleary come off as mean, cranky, and bitter, but worse than that, I am also flakey. I guess if I'm going to be a blog-hag, I can at least be a consistent poster - right?


I am happy to say that posting is purely theraputic bee-oti-ness, and I was shocked to see that my last need to vent was in JULY. I have truly been healthy and happy for a few good months. The source of my good mental health? Putting my time and energy and thoughts into the subject closest to my heart - adoption and fostering. I have been reading books on everything adoption related for the last few years. And I have started Utah foster/adoption licensing process. My heart is so entwined in this complicated, necessary evil. Even the happiest adoption outcomes cannot escape the fact that all adoption stems from loss. I have always felt in my heart that adoption is a road I could take, but I am still overwhelmed by the ground I need to cover to get to that road.