Monday, June 6, 2011

This blog does suck!

It's not really a blog if you aren't bloggin right?

But I have to say it's been a great and necessary vacation to not think about fertility every moment of every day. And to my mother who thought a pregnancy that would be the magic that "healed me" and who drove me batty for insinuating such bologney - OK you were kind of right... That's all I'm willing to concede at the moment.

I am now 27 weeks along with no blips, problems, etc. I am even feeling confident enough that I am selling my leftover IVF drugs and buying a crib. This feels real people!

Here are some of my thoughts at the moment. Does a baby make all the stuff I've been through worthwhile? I am not sure, and though that sounds awful I will tell you why I hesitate to endorse these measures:
I have often heard smarty pants people call lottery tickets a "tax on the stupid". And I agree. Lottery tickets are an epic waste of money and I wouldn't dare admit I were buying them and consistently losing. However, does the winner consider them an epic waste of money? OF COURSE NOT. So there you have it. I won the IVF lottery on the third round, and I know my judgement is impaired. I feel the only advice I have to give on the "was it worth it front" is a resounding "proceed at your own risk".

Also if you happen to know anyone venturing into IVF land, I have some drugs I want to peddle to them.


Jennifer said...

HURRAY!!! So nice to see read you again! I've been wondering how you are feeling and how things are proceeding. It's awesome their are no complications thus far and you are over halfway done and hurray hurray hurray! If you are ready for a slew of questions, proceed. If not, stop now: Did you/are you finding out what you are having? Do you have names picked out? If so, are you sharing or waiting until the big day? What is the due date?
That's all.

Jennifer said...

Sarah berates you on the blog, and then she doesn't even comment? I'd be posting some hate for her. Just sayin'.

Melissa said...

I have been wondering about happy to hear your are pregnant!!

boy, girl??

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