Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I repent

Silent judgements of others I have said to myself:

If you want a baby so bad just adopt.

I don't understand why they don't just do IVF

I would never do IVF that many times

I wonder why they only have _ kids.

Why would you have your kids so close together

Why would you have your kids so far apart

I will never be one of those people who let money stand in the way of having babies or adopting

If I had kids I wouldn't work unless I had to

I'm glad she had a miscarriage; someone needed to pop her bubble

I would never be so lazy about infertility treatments. It's like they don't even care

You were never infertile, just obsessed/impatient

If I had been going through this as long as she has I would be more open about it

I can't stand how much she talks about her infertility. Cry me a river. Get a hobby

Her doctor is an idiot and she is too for believing him

Educate yourself. This stuff is on the internet

I would never go to a quack like that

I would never do superovulation shots

I would never implant more than two embryos

I would never use donor eggs

I would never use a surrogate

I would never reduce my pregnancy

I would never want just one or two kids.

I would never decide not to have kids

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