Tuesday, December 22, 2009

things to be happy about

My side of the room is a constant disaster, and I am ok with it.

But H cleaned his side. Yay.
Yes. This is my grown up husband with a headset on playing a war game in camo pajama pants.
I got word that I had to make a homemade present for my bro in law who has distinguishing taste, and all for under $10. So I put roof flashing into a thrift store frame and made some funny magnets. Oh yeah, first I moaned and groaned about it for a couple weeks. But now I feel so accomplished
These little guys are what got me out of my Christmas slump and inspired me to finally decorate on the 16th of December. Instead of Christmas bonuses my work gives each employee a Steinbach nutcracker. I thought that was the wierdest, lamest thing and planned to learn how to ebay mine the day after the party. I unwrapped it at home - and lo and behold, they are kind of awesome. Something so nice, and an extravagance I would never buy on my own, so basically the perfect gift. And I kind of like their creepy smiles.

I had to memorialize my first Christmas tree that doesn't suck. Mom loaned me her pretty ornaments and I bought a funky white tree from Walmart. My first tree ever was erected last year and taken down before Christmas because it was so pitiful. I regret not documenting that one. It was one of those sad in the moment things that would be really funny now.


Liz said...

Oh, love that pic of H. I miss that fat, hairy baby! (his words, not mine) and these are the things I love about you:
You have more little balls of stocking feet laying on your floor than wal-mart does. I love that!
Your bra is not as tiny as a slingshot lying there, as mine is.
You absolutely rocked your $10 homemade gift. You make an avid thrifter proud!

Natalee said...

You're awesome! Your side of the room looks just like my side of my room. Also you need to see pics of our Christmas tree. It looks HORRIBLE.