Sunday, September 19, 2010

$1300 chicken soup

My injectable meds have been tripled for this round. That doesn’t mean they are going nuts on me this time, it really just means that they WAY undershot my stims last time. I am looking forward to seeing what the tripling will do to my egg production, but I was not looking forward to the tripling of the cost of my drugs. So I did what any reasonable fertility junkie would do – I turned to black market IVF drugs. I shaved a sweet $1200 off my bill by buying from some lady named Nina in Georgia who I found on It was a really nerve racking, really risky process, which included Nina calling me on the day of shipment telling me how nervous she was at FedEx, and how when the guy asked what she was shipping the first thing that came to her mind was chicken soup. "$1300 chicken soup?, he questioned, and then said "that must be some soup" (eyeroll from FedEx man). Prior to hearing this I was nervous about all the normal things, like is this Nina lady a crook/is she going to send me a box of rocks/if she does send me the drugs will I ever know that she stored them correctly? I had obviously decided those were tolerable risks, but the chicken soup had me worried that FedEx had to report suspicious transactions and my overnight package would be delivered by a police man ready to arrest me. The drugs arrived overnight COD, packed in ice packs, looking great, and best of all, no handcuffs. Part one of this story has gone smoothly, but the true test will be if the meds actually work. Sounds kind of looney and risky? I completely agree.


Jennifer said...

This is crazy like a cable show, but in a good way. That lady is hilarious - she was probably wondering nervously if you were some sort of narc trying to sting her.

Alisha said...

Glad you're back to blogging. Miss you. Way to be a bargain shopper!

Natalee said...

You go girl!