Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Watch Out....

I am in one of THOSE moods.

I hear my friend landed herself in the hospital a wee bit shy of her delivery date. Do I care right now? Real me does. MOOD me does not. MOOD me (MM) is simply annoyed by how said victim can overdramatize non-drama and actual drama (as is the case here) alike to the point that a normal compassionate person like me can't even conjure my normal lump in the throat empathy. Oh wait! I am choking down something - it just ain't tears.

I hate Mood me. It is definitely not the event that created mood me that has me so upset. It is my uncanny ability to recall hundreds of seemingly benign encounters and experiences, dissect them, strip them of their innocence, and turn them into ugly proof that the world is conspiring against me. I am a fuschia, hormone enraged She Hulk.

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