Sunday, March 1, 2009

Humble Pie

A friend spoke in church today about how she continually is being served up a piece of humble pie. She talked about how her judgments of other people, their parenting, etc. have always come back to haunt her. Her take on it, however was that it was God's kind way of teaching compassion.

I think her interpretation is a much better way to view things. Better than my view that I was simply getting what was coming to me.

Another friend posted a comment a while back about the ideal being that we would be able to to have enough compassion to learn from others experiences and sorrows without having to actually go through the experience.

I really am grateful for the insight my firsthand experiences with infertility have given me, but I am shooting for being able to glean insight and compassion without judgements. Starting today.


Court said...

I love your last paragraph. Struggling with infertility does change your perspective. That struggle causes a lot of conflicting emotions. Thank you for sharing who you are. I think of you often and wish wonderful things for you.

Sarah said...

I repent too. I'm dealing with some stuff with my kids right now that although I thought might be something I would experience when I had teenagers I NEVER thought I would be dealing with it when my oldest was only 12. TWELVE!!!!! I feel like a failure!! And I repent for all of the things I thought about parents who had these kinds of "problems" with their kids. I repent of my unkind and critical judgements of what I felt those parents did wrong. And I feel very alone b/c I know what people would think of me if they knew: The same thing I thought about others in this situation.