Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long time no post

I have been mentally blogging, but honestly I have been so happily busy I haven't wanted to actually log on and type. I don't know how many words per minute I type, but it is some really slow number. I think I would be better suited to the days of butter churning, but I am sure I wouldn't have understood that new-fangled technology either.
The happily busy part simply comes from simply being busy. Spring/summer are here, and I have attempted a small but hopefully not overwhelming garden, (trying so hard not to do my normal overkill on the idea of a new hobby and burn out before I even start.) So now I can come home, weed, watch my little plants progress, and mow the lawn and make small efforts to tame the wild thing I call a yard. I have grass that I can walk in bear-foot! No fire ants. Beautiful black dirt to grow things, ahhhh. Yard work in great weather is my small plot of heaven on earth. And I now realize I just had way too much time on my hands during winter to think about myself - Not healthy. I have some good months ahead before winter hits, but I would love to hear what you would do if you had the time before kids back to yourself.


Jennifer said...

Stuff, man! I'd do stuff! I would travel more. I know people say that all the time, but faced with $1000 minimum to fly my family somewhere, it stings a little. And I'd not just go to exotic places. I'd go visit girlfriends regularly.

I'd finish school (but you did that.) So maybe I'd change careers. I'd love to be a copy editor. Oh, I'd be trilingual.

I know, this sounds totally ridiculous. Pipe dream. OH - I'd save an ass-load of money. I'd probably go to a spa regularly. I'd get super-workouty so it would be habitual now when I'm wishing to lose weight and hating it.

Here's the fantasy I have at least once every six weeks: In the fantasy, I live in a gorgeous loft in a fantastic city. (Usually I am a ballerina on the side, but that's just for the body.) I am an accomplished author - THAT'S IT! I'd write a damn book! That is absolutely it. The end.

I'd appreciate feedback; I would love to hear how this sounds to someone else.

Natalee said...

I am digging the loft in the city idea. I love big cities. I would probably get more education and be an art appraiser at an auction house. I would travel. Pretty much the same things as Jen.