Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday with the Kiddos

One Sunday we tended our niece (4) and nephew (1). They were being adorable and H was being highly interactive with them by playing Parcheesi toddler style. Meaning baby throws dice, we all say "Yay", H retrieves dice, and it starts all over. After a endless barrage of questions from the 4 year old, and some general mayhem, I retreat to the kitchen to start making lunch. The kids were only here for a half an hour, and when they left, I walked in to the living room to give H the wide eyed "kill me now" look, and before I opened my mouth to incriminate myself, H plops down on the couch nearly giddy with joy, and says with all the sincerity the earth holds "Oh I just LOVE my niece and nephew. They make me so happy" I smile and pat him on the head, and head back to the kitchen, happy I am married to a such a kind hearted, gentle creature, and even more happy I didn't just reveal he is married to Voldemort.


Natalee said...

Don't feel bad, as much as I love my own children I've had many "kill me now!" moments.

Natalee said...

Amen to that!


Melissa said...

Hi. I found your blog through another blog talking about IVF abroad. My husband and I are taking those first steps towards that process. Seems overwhelming and crazy all at the same time.
I really enjoyed your blog... Its just wonderful to find others out there like me!

Thanks for letting me peak into your infertility world.