Monday, December 27, 2010


Last night I was dreading getting bad news today. I was also dreading good news, because good news means an even bigger let down in the future.

Today I got the good news: I am officially chemically pregnant!

And I am going to take a cue from a very wise friend who had some losses and really feared getting excited about a new pregnancy only to wind up broken hearted. She figured you may wind up broken hearted whether you live it up in the mean time or not. She also figured that whatever time a little embryo or fetus is going to get, it deserves to be loved, deserved, wanted and celebrated. I just couldn't agree more, and am thankful for smart people who grapple with things before I ever have to. It makes things so easy on me.

Thanks for all your wishes and your prayers, and please keep em coming! Second blood test is in 10 days, and we can have the first ultrasound around Jan 16th to see if its one or two. I am voting for two. I figure if I am trying to be positive I may as well go all the way.


Liz said...

I'm with going all the way too. Here's sending all the love, celebration and screams of WOOHOO!!!!!!!! that little embryo(s)' way...because they/he/she do/does deserve it...and so do you.

Sarah said...

yeah!!! lots of prayers, and sticky baby stuff your way!

Natalee said...

HOORAY for being Chemically pregnant!!!! Prayers your way!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and H. I wish I could throw my arms around the both of you and weep tears of joy together. But since I can't, I'm spending that time on my knees, thanking the Lord for His goodness and mercy and the blessing of eternal friends.

Daisy said...

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