Friday, December 3, 2010

IVF #3 Underway

This one will only be two weeks of injections instead the whole month. They say it is more aggressive because they have cut off two weeks of Lupron prior to the stims. I guess shortening the Lupron suppression will give more oomph to the stims. We’ll see. I will be done around December 15th and get the results by the end of the month.

I can’t believe how “no big deal” this is becoming. But I still just want it to be all over so badly.

I told a person from church what my timeline was and she was pretty sympathetic to the fact that I would be getting the news around Christmas time. This had occurred to me, but really, take your pick as to which day would be the worst, because at this point I think I have had them all. My birthday, his birthday, anniversary, anniversary of “trying”, Thanksgiving, on the day of a baby shower I was throwing, on the day of my niece’s birth, many, many days of people announcing their pregnancies… I have been getting the kick in the gut on a monthly basis for over six years now. The bright side, I guess, is that is has gotten easier to handle. I think the worst days were the ones in the first two years. And contrary to what one might think, this has not made me feel isolated or lonely, it has opened my eyes to how many people live with sad things and still do their best to have full, happy lives.


Jennifer said...

Alright, aggressive prayer schedule is set. I'm amazed at your calmness and logical thinking. You are incredible.

Alisha said...

Perfect timing. This post coincides with fast Sunday tomorrow!

Natalee said...

You are so strong!