Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here's to peeing on sticks!

I am mid cycle number two since my surgery.  The good news is a few of my symptoms seem better.  The bad news is that one of those symptoms was the bloated painful ovulation.  So now I have no way of knowing if/when I ovulate.  I have joined the ranks of the scores of normal women who have no freakin clue when to get freaky.  So back I go to the pleasure of temperature charts, mucus and pee sticks.  Post op this filled me with dread, but right now, having gone through two physically uneventful ovulation cycles, I am feeling the urge to map out my mysterious new me. Maybe I can even justify getting a new shirt by calling it a "lab coat".  Dorky, yes, but I realize I may have to approach this like an adult version of "making potty training fun by having little boys pee on cheerios for target practice".   I will keep the discharge checking completely professional.  That's the kind of business that should never be mixed with fun.  


Sarah said...

Hey girl it's me. I just wanted you to know I'm still reading. I always want to say something and then I'm worried I will say the wrong thing so most of the time I don't say anything. I don't have any experience in this area so I'm always worried I will say something offensive or thoughtless without meaning to. After my miscarriages I realized people wouldn't say anything b/c they were worried they would say the wrong thing and even though I knew that's why they were doing it, it still felt like they didn't care. In my experience I found it was better to say the wrong thing than nothing at all. I'm sorry you had so much pain after your surgery. I'm excited you have a fertilized hamster egg and if it did become a baby I would buy him/her the most beautiful baby clothes to distract people from the fact that he/she had whiskers. I know that a lot of what you write is you venting and I think we all struggle to see things in our lives with the proper perspective. I think you are right on about your mother. The first time I held Madison in my arms I could not believe how fiercly and unconditionally I loved her. And my very next thought was, "My mom loves me like this."

Sarah said...

That word is fiercely. I HATE making spelling mistakes. :(

The Genetic Mule said...

Sarah, I forget I have a reader! I fear I must be boring you to death. Don't ever be afraid to say something. You ALWAYS say the right thing, and if on some crazy occasion you didn't say something perfect, you still would come off smelling like roses because I know what a sincere, well meaning person you are. You have a universal pardon from me for all future offenses.