Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Post-Op Update

It has been about a month since my laparoscopy. I haven't started working out yet, but other than that I am back to normal, and I am even having my first period since the lap. Actually, the not working out means I am REALLY back to normal. Four weeks to normal isn't bad. However two weeks post op I honestly thought I would never walk normally again. I still couldn't walk without having to bend over to catch my breath. Flights of stairs were so hard. I was still in so much pain. I was convinced the surgen had accidentally sewn me together erroneously because when I tried to stand up straight it felt like my right innards were ripping apart. Two weeks out I went for my post op check-up and had a MELT-DOWN. I was still so sad about the endo, I was in so much pain, I had severely underestimated how long it would take to recover, and I had so many questions about what my course of action should be in light of the endo. I came to the appointment armed with a list of questions, and as I was reading them I rapidly descended from quivering lip, to full on ugly cry, to full on mental break-down laying in reclined front seat of car in fetal position. Good thing Lowell insisted on coming. Someone had to drive.
I just need to document the bad, because now that I am feeling better I worry I will forget how truly awful this was. I am worried I might sugar coat the lap for some poor girl. Really I think my procedure was not abnormal, I just had completely unrealistic ideas about it. I went to work after 2 days off plus the weekend. STUPID. I strongly recommend taking two weeks off work, and if you don't end up needing that much time - great.

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