Saturday, December 27, 2008

Perception vs. Reality

I gotta be fair:

A large part of why this blog is currently private is because I am aware that I don't always see things the way they really are, and I need to be able to vent my crazy, and then read it later to compare reality to perception.  I want to be able to execute this process and not hurt any well meaning people in the process. 

Truth:  I did go ape$&^!#! crazy over my perception that my sweet mom was not wishing for me what I was wishing for myself (see prior posts).  However, in retrospect I am thinking my mothers "disconnect"  may have actually been my own disconnect  - with reality.   

Victory:  I recently had a candid phone melt-down with my mom about my desire to adopt older kids, and how I perceived that some people thought I was crazy for this.  Boy did she ever rally! I feel so free and liberated now.   My mom loves me more than anyone on Earth does, and I forget, or don't tolerate the fact that she probably hurts for me worse and more often than I hurt for myself.  

Reality is I am a girl with a very wonderful mother.     

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