Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am investigating the other woman...

There is an intruder who has wreaked havoc on my marriage since day one. Her name is Uti. She is my bossy, ornery uterus. Husband and I both dislike her. She always wants things her way, and gets it most the time. When I ignore her she pinches me, or kicks me. When she doesn't want to do "it", "it" don't get done. This summer I finally had had it, and scheduled an appointment with a OBGYN pain specialist who (marvel of marvels) actually listened to me. We scheduled a laparoscopy, to investigate/diagnose and laser off any endometriosis. Contrary to infertility folklore, this will not increase my fertility chances. The only way it would is they were able to unblock a fallopian tube, or remove scar tissue that prohibited me from ovulating. This will not happen as I: 1. Already had a hysterosalpingogram which indicated I had totally unblocked tubes. 2. Ovulate regularly. (I know so because I have done all the temperature charts, peed on too many sticks, mucked around in mucus (-I can't believe science in the twenty first century still needs to rely on that one.) and lastly, I know because Uti HATES to ovulate. I bloat and am so tender my footsteps on solid ground send pain through my angry ovaries.) So really the only thing gained from this probe into my woman world is to get some answers as to why all the shenanigans. So what is Uti's response to her impending exposure? Nearly perfect behavior! I think its because she wants me to second guess this decision and cancel the surgery. Not a chance Uti. You are going down.

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