Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I drank a tall glass of backwash ya'll!

Of course, it was accidental.
I was washing a bunch of dishes after our YW Evening in Excellence. Washing enough to work up a mighty thirst. I quenched my thirst with a tall glass of delicious slush drink out of a pitcher sitting on near the sink. Delicious slush drink was a little watery and warm. Still pretty delish though. Helper lady walks in and yells "don't drink that it is the leftovers from all the cups on the tables!" An entire glass was already in my stomach. So this revelation was not helpful. It is still in there. Sitting like a paperweight of sludge.
I am trying to minimize this event.
I probably get more germs from my car steering wheel -right? And remote controls are filthy too aren't they? And I chow in the car, and while channel surfing.
And just think of all the great immunities this will allow me to build.
If I make it.