Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had my laparoscopy yesterday. The verdict: Endometriosis. Everywhere. Completely covering my bladder, my bowels, in and around my intestines, ovaries, fallopian tubes and so much in my pelvic cavity that it had pushed every item above to where it had no business being.
I am so relieved that I am not crazy. I feel so bad for giving my Uti such a bad wrap. I guess my woman parts aren't traitors after all, they just had an impossibly poor work environment.


Sarah said...

Hello! I see your blog has no comments so I'm wondering if you meant to share it with me and anyone else who sees your comment dissing Grey's. (The show is so cheesy I almost hate to admit I watch it but it is so dang good!) And yes I still love my Carmine but CSI's story lines have all been done and redone to death. I'm now going to ignore my children and spend the rest of the afternoon reading your blog. I hope you don't mind. Love you.

The Genetic Mule said...

It was an accident to "come out" because I can be so mean sometimes, so I have mixed feelings, but it might be healthy to have someone say "wow you need to chill out psycho". So I am officially coming out.