Friday, March 26, 2010

A banner day

We met our state caseworker Yolanda on Thursday. I really liked her. I think I am loving anyone involved in foster care and adoption lately. I want to be in their club. I want to hear their stories and why they do what they do.

She was really eager to place three siblings under five with us. I said no. Too little, too much. She said - I have three siblings age 7-9. I am not kidding, I really wanted them. That day. But we let her know we are mentally committed to seeing things through with the possibility of the Texas teens, and we would need to hold off on placements until we get a yes or a no from TX.

Despite the talk of poo-smearing, tiny sexual perps, firestarters, heartbreaking neglect and other heavies, we were left with an overall feeling that was good, and peaceful and happy and exciting and natural. I imagined a banner floating above our heads that read "This is the road! This is your family!" It was written in multi-colored, bubbly handwriting. It was a great day.


Jennifer said...

I am waving a flag for you! I know what you mean about wanting to take kids as soon as you hear about them - it just hurts to walk away from some of them. My mom is a CASA worker, and she told me about this little 4 year old who was, like 20 pounds and was taken by CPS due to neglect. She had trouble walking, she was so malnourished, and she had a little sibling that was just fine. I wanted to snap that baby up and hug her constantly so that she would know love in this world. You are GREAT parents! I can't wait for you to find your kids!!!

Natalee said...

I am so happy!!!!! Hooray!

Alisha said...

Glad to hear things went so well-- you will do GREAT!

Court said...

Wonderful, joyful news. I'm so happy for you and H feeling like you are on your way.

I'm grateful you have a caseworker you like and trust. I imagine Yolanda to be a lot like my mom's hospice nurse--a caring woman with a big smile and a God-given heart that's designed to help others down an unknown path.

Keep us posted. I can't wait to hear more of your adoption news!

Liz said...

If I could I would write this comment in big bubbly handwriting.
YAY! The kids at the end of this road are lucky ones.