Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Impending Announcement

I am the second of daughter of four. My older sister has three kids. So far, neither of my two little sisters have had kids, but one is embarking on the pregnancy adventure. Having put a lot of thought into how this makes me feel, or will make me feel when she makes the happy announcement, I can honestly say I have no idea. Typically, family babies feel like a triumph. They are a win. I am assuming this will be the case this time too. I am really excited thinking of a new niece or nephew living so close by. But just in case, I cowardly emailed my sister, and I asked her that when she is ready to announce her good news, she let me know first since public announcements can be really hard on me. I feel all eyes go first to the happy pregnant person, and then immediately fall on me, the pathetic barren person, to see my reaction. So much pressure. If I am cued ahead of time I can totally pull it off. My nice sister totally understood. So nice.

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Court said...

Sisters rock. Sometimes you just need a little lead time.