Sunday, November 22, 2009

Licensing Update

Our adoption licensing has completely stalled. I guess it takes a long time to do background checks in the two other states we have lived in. So still no homestudy in sight, which bugs me, but absolutely shouldn't seeing how if they called me to do it tomorrow, I would flip out. I am so not ready. I haven't installed my cabinet locks, my garage is a death hazard, and my shed is too. I bought the wrong size of fire extinguisher, I need new batteries in many of my smoke detectors, I need to hang an emergency phone number list somewhere, and I need to procure two twin bed frames, one twin mattress, two or three dressers. Argh. I am overwhelmed. I should post a picture of my one almost finished kid room. It feels like a mini triumph. Except for the fact that that now I am remembering that the quilt in there still needs to be tied or something, I still need a dresser for that room, and pee pads for everywhere. So the argh still stands.


Jennifer said...

If they came to my house, I would fail on all counts. And since I have three, that is humiliating. I say their standards are too high.

I'm sorry the licensing is stalled. Guess you should have thought twice before those mass killings in two other states.

Liz said...

hey. i love all of these updates and wish i had brilliant things to say but my comments are always dumb. but i'm always reading and think of you often. would you mind emailing your address to me at I have a christmas card I'd like to send.