Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that don't make me sad

Many infertile people hate being around pregnant people. Lucky for me, other people being pregnant does not bother me. Not at all. Especially people who have already had a baby or more. That seems really normal and natural to me. More power to you. I also don't even get bothered by seeing teenagers or skanks be pregnant. Evily, I sometimes even think "you better be a good mom or that kid might be mine anyway". ( -I am sure I will later regret writing and even thinking that one, but hey, full disclosure for now.)

I don't feel like another person getting pregnant decreases the baby supply or changes my chances for success.

I also have never for one nanosecond felt like I would not be a mother someday. For infertiles, motherhood is ultimately a choice not a physical ability.

Babies and children do not make me sad. If they are cute and sort of naughty, I find them entertaining. If they are not so cute and annoying they make me happy to be childless, so win win for me. I have never been around a kid or baby and wished they were mine, and I have actually had a few people insinuate this ABOUT THEIR OWN KIDS. Hey, rock on people. I am really glad that motherhood gives you healthy delusions about how awesome your kid is. I was raised by a mother who suffered from the blinders syndrome and it did wonders for my self esteem. It is a gift and creates great parents so I won't bag on it, but I will laugh at you and post about you on my blog for thinking your mini Zach Effron/Tchaikovsky baby will either A: make me sad and jealous or B: Heal me of all wounds or C: Cause me to start plotting my baby-heist.
I'll help you out: The correct answer is D: None of the above.

My aunt with IF said it best "I don't want your baby or a baby, I just want my baby."

....Or kid or teenager or elephant. Whatever. So long as its mine.


Jennifer said...

I'm happy to know all this. I undertand about the skank/teen comment - I've thought worse.

You are a very neat person. Since I have naughty kids, I'll say "your welcome" for any entertainment they may offer you.

Natalee said...

"Zach Efron/Tchaikovsky baby" this made me laugh so hard. You are hilarious. Even though I haven't struggled with infertility I kind of know what you mean about not wanting "your baby or a baby, just my baby" Because before I had kids I didn't like children much, and to be honest even though I like them a lot more now I don't like other peoples kids nearly as much as my own.

I also like what you said about Motherhood ultimately being a choice. That was very profound.