Sunday, November 22, 2009

My cool twin

Apparently I am not impervious to jealousy after all. Rats.

Of course my jealousy can't be sane or rational. It is wierd and illogical - must be my M.O.

So this summer I attended my ten year anniversery and an old friend tells me about all the "cool" people now living in my city and that we should definitely get together. And I am all eager like a panting golden retriever watching it's master eat a juicy hamburger. Because I want friends like that dog wants the burger. He tells me that I would have a lot in common with this cool guy's wife "because you are a lot alike". That was probably too much flattery for me, because with no connection at all to "cool guy" except an enduring crush that began in fourth grade and amounted to nothing more than standing in the same room he was in a few times in high school, I still took it upon myself to hunt him down via the blog world. And of course I discovered that he is indeed still mysteriously cool and has indeed married a very cool wife. (Clearly WAY cool based on her masterful blogging of their cool life, the cool books she reads, her cool self deprecation, her cool taste in music, cool sense of humor. Aghh, cool you name it!) So yes, back to how right after in passing old friend says " are a lot alike" I jump all over him golden retriever style and say "Really! How so? How are we alike!" Old friend is cleary disturbed by my enthusiasm and tries to change the subject but I pull him back in demanding "So what do you think in we have in common? Why did you say that?" So yeah, that was in July and not one "cool" person has called. I can't fathom why not. So I am resigned to blogstalk again, and it had been awhile since I checked up on my cool doppleganger. So I just checked in.... And she is still cool, and just turned 30, AND SHE'S PREGNANT. And I'm jealous. Twins are supposed to get pregnant together. I can't believe she's done this to me.


Sarah said...

I remember feeling that way when we first hung out at the Ballard's and you told me that your hubby thought I was cool. I kept asking you what it was about me that made him think that. You probably don't even remember it but I was so flattered and it gave my self esteem a much needed boost at the time. Someone as funny as L with a wife as beautiful as you thinking someone like me was cool. I worked very hard to maintain that status around him.
I'm sure I was very golden retreiverish as well. :)

Natalee said...

I am always a little shocked when any one pays me a compliment and act more like a deer in head lights than a golden retriever. You are cool. I wish I could be cool like you.

Court said...

Jealousy is a clever little bug. Somehow it burrows in and manages to make us question our own worth when in reality there is plenty of the cool pie to be shared.

You are hilarious. Write THAT on YOUR cool blog.