Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homestudy - The Results

Well the homestudy went great. A very nice young guy came to our house and blushed as he asked us personal questions about our religion, our views on punishment of children, our inability to have children, including whose fault it was, our childhood and family dynamics. Really you name it. It was actually kind of fun. I love when H waxes philosophical about why he is the way he is. And I guess I like when people ask me about my thoughts and opinions. Even if they are writing them down on a clipboard.

I had been told that the safety inspection was no sweat. But I sweated it anyway, and sure enough, it really was nothing to sweat. My too little fire extinguisher was deemed adequate. The inspector didn't look in my sock drawer, or say my sheets didn't match. My garage of hazards passed inspection with merely the lock on the exterior door. The only change I have to make is locking up my detergent and bleach in the laundry room. That's it.

He said I should expect to be licensed in about a month. Woohoo.

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