Friday, January 1, 2010

I heart the internets

Good ol You Tube is a gold-mine of IVF injection wisdom. I am so thankful for all the great little tip videos of first timers shooting up. I think seeing all these cool chicas so nervous, and yet just powering through the needle fear has been really inpirational to me. As I was watching video after video, I had the volume pumped up so H could hear the terror and sometimes the screams. I was going for as much sympathy from him as possible, but that little plan backfired, because almost universally, the women would say in conclusion "Oh, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be". Here's hoping they are right.


Melissa said...

I did an IUI cycle that included daily injections. The first shot is the worst! Your fear is overwhelming, at least mine was. I noticed watching the videos all the women were jamming the needle in, that spooked me the most. So, when I got the nerve I touched the needle to skin to see what it felt like and then slowly inserted the needle. I found going slow was the easiest thing for me. And honestly, it didn't hurt. I mean it didn't feel great but not bad. The medication can sting a little, so I always had a cold pack ready.

After the first shot you feel so powerful!! You can do it, I promise!!!

Natalee said...

You are brave, courageous and strong. If anyone can do it you can.

Liz said...

i tried using this trick when i had an amnio while pregnant with harris. the needle was the length of my arm and jared looked like he might pass out the whole time. i was busted when he later overheard me telling my sis that i wouldnt have known it had gone in had i not been watching. in all seriousness, i am praying for you and am inspired by your strength and perserverence. you and h are just incredible to me.