Friday, January 1, 2010

Staying here

I started sensing some reservations from H whenever I talked about doing IVF in Czech. He started trying to convince me that all the hoopla of flying over there and arranging everything would actually be more stressful. I doubt that. The cost of the the whole IVF trip to Czech probably would have turned out to be anywhere from 2 to 5K cheaper than doing here in the states, but that cost is almost recouped by the fact that we will now not have to take two weeks off work to go on the trip. But the rub on that is - I would really want to take a couple weeks off to go to Europe any old time anyway.
So due to the fact that we can't take time off work until after May, and that I am wanting to get this show on the road ASAP so I can start figuring out my adoption possibilities, doing it here ended up being the best choice.
There are a few more ironies. Because H doesn't get as informed about the IVF process as I would like, he was under the impression that we would get safer or better service here. He seemed a little shocked that even here in the States, paying the big bucks, our meds will still just be shipped to our house and I am basically on my own with those. I will get a little "how to give yourself injections" class from the nurses at the clinic. Also, our fabulous doctor who made us feel all warm and fuzzy about doing the in vitro here locally doesn't actually do a dang thing in my treatment. I will have a different doc do my sonohistogram, another do the egg retrieval and yet another doing the transfer. I knew this is how a lot of places operate, but they definitely didn't inform us of this when they were making their sales pitch. I think it always safest to assume that all doctors and clinics are jerks who deliver no service and then allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised when you actually have one of those elusive good medical moments.

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Natalee said...

You could probably use 2 weeks in Europe right about now!