Thursday, January 21, 2010

The To Do List

You know I NEVER exagerate. So the 100 items on my checklist for the homestudy on Monday? Well, maybe they are more like 5 things that feel like 100 things.

But still, here it is Thursday night and I haven't done a thing yet.

Basically, a caseworker/inspector will come to my house and make sure that I don't have any obvious safety hazards. Only certain breeds of dogs allowed, gates around swimming pools, that sort of thing.

The state requires all medicine (prescription and non prescription) and all cleaners, and all flammable material (even hairspray and stuff) to be under lock and key. They admit it is draconion, but aren't flexible on this one. I purchased the magna locks to put on several of my cupboards, but haven't installed any yet.

I also have to have a proper size fire extinguisher in the kitchen. (We bought one a few months ago, but apparently it is too small)

We have to have working fire alarms on each floor (need to test), and a carbon monoxide detector in the house (check.).

I need to put together an IKEA dresser that is currently in a thousand pieces under my bed. Been putting that one off for a while...

I need to check my first aid kits to see that they have all the essential (except actual MEDICINE, as that needs to be under lock and key - go figure) One for house, one for car. I think they are practically good to go.

The best thing is that the caseworker told me I do not need a bed and dresser at the homestudy to qualify for a child to be placed. I thought I had a major shopping trip to the furniture store ahead of me, as I am short two bed frames, one mattress and two dressers.

The worst thing is that that whole "lock and key" business applies to everything in the garage and shed as well. Can I tell you how many dangerous items are in a garage? Many. Fertilizer, gas can, paint, bug sprays, garden everything. I don't have the cash for those nice storage closets. We have been trying to find some or think of a good solution for over a year now. So I am simply going to lock the garage door (it is detached) and pray that counts.

I have a highschool classmate who just adopted two teenage foster daughters and she told me the homestudy is NOT as big of a deal as they make it out to be. I hope she is right.

We will also be interviewed together and separately to evaluate our mental fitness. They like to separate you to see if your answers jive. This part I am not so worried about. It will be interesting to see what it is like, and what sort of things they will ask. I'll keep you posted. I think after the homestudy is done, it goes to a board of review and it should be about 6 weeks for them to look it over and issue our license. Crossing fingers...

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Natalee said...

We will pray for you guys!