Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shots 101

H and I went to the shot class today. I got to practice 3 out of the 5 type of shots I will be giving myself, on a cool little fake skin pad. The needles are all even tinier than I had thought. There were two other couples there plus one husband taking copious notes for his wife who had to work. That was pretty cute.

I am not sure if it is best to just politely smile at the others, and leave it at that, or attempt getting to know them. I sensed the others may have wondered the same because there were awkward polite smiles and door holding all around. I think I will run into these people over and over as we go in for check-ups, so I'll probably attempt to get the scoop. I am always really curious about what has brought others to the RE. (Also how they are paying for it? -because I am always in the market for a job with insurance that covers IVF.)

It was so wise that the nurse forwarned us we were going to feel more overwhelmed than ever after the class. She was right, but having been warned, I handled it pretty well.

While H was practicing giving a shot he pricked himself on his finger and yiped a little bit -and continued to whine about it on our way to the car. Oh so that little prick hurt? Good. "There are way more nerve endings in your fingers than your stomach," he told me.
I can't win.


Melissa said...

Here in Seattle the only job I know the pays for IVF and adoption is Microsoft, if only me or my hubby were computer geeks!!

When is your start date for meds?

The Genetic Mule said...

Start date is the 17th. When is yours?

Melissa said...

I shot injections Feb. 13th and leave for Brno on Feb. 15, first apt. with doctor in Brno Feb 18. Why can't it be February already. I feel like I am just sitting on go here!