Saturday, February 13, 2010

Funny guy

So H just brings me my antibiotic that I forgot to take with breakfast -oops. And as I take a huge mouthful of water and pill he bursts out in full falsetto "...that's how love was in the eighties...". So I have water coming from my eyes and nose, as I desperately try to keep it from going down my wind pipe. A redfaced 20 seconds of laughing and trying not to spew water later I successfully swallow. What was that?! I ask H. His defense was "It's a real song".

Then 5 minutes later he comes up stairs in full seriousness and says "I am sad".
"Why babe?"
"Because I can't have a Jimmy John's sandwich shop in my basement. I just want to walk down the stairs, point out my delicious sandwich, and eat it on the way up."

I totally feel that pain.


Jennifer said...

HilariASS! Oh, H, you are pure comedy! I keep giggling in my chair when I imagine him singing and you squirting water.

Court said...

sandwiches ARE delicious.

Natalee said...

I'm with H on the sandwich thing.