Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time to Harvest

Well I am ripe and ready to go, so on Friday I will go in for the retrieval. I take my HCG trigger shot tonight. The nurse circled the part on my butt where it needs to go and H is ready for his debut as Nurse Nancy.

After the removal I also start having to take the progesterone shots known as PIO (progesterone in oil) Word on the street is that these are horrid - Long, fat needle, thick oily shot. The nurse says people universally complain about them until their positive pregnancy test, then suddenly people don't complain anymore. Imagine that. So I will be taking them from Friday until the pregnancy test at the first of March, and then a couple of months beyond if I have that elusive bun in the never used oven. I guess low estrogen is a common factor for miscarriage so this is the attempt to at least address that.

Now if I don't actually make at far as the implantation, I can stop the PIO. Which I guess is the silver lining on a dark cloud day. Oh, and I do actually have the option of taking vaginal suppositories three times a day! They are more expensive, and I have yet to see if they are covered by my insurance, but if day one of the shot is miserable you bet I will be doing some research. Picking one of those two poisons has been rough. Yucky yet efficient shot, or painless high maintenance vagi drama in my nasty work restroom. Yeah, the shots are on order, but verdict is still out.

Looks like I have six eggs on the left ovary available for the retrieval. There are eight on the right, but that ovary is still stuck behind my uterus, so the eggs are unlikely to be retrieved. What a bummer.

I do realize this has dramatically hurt my statistics (that was what all the wailing on Monday supposedly was addressing), but I am feeling pretty good. I just keep thinking. Just one embryo. That's all I really need. Just one good egg.


Sarah said...

I will be praying for you.

p.s. I love the phrase 'vagi drama'. I'm going to find a way to adopt that term into my every day conversations.

Jennifer said...

My fave phrase is "nasty work restroom." I'll pray, too. You are so right about one good egg. Screw that other damn ovary. Good luck with oily shots. They sound a bit grosser than vagi drama.

Melissa said...

After reading your posts and other peoples post about their IVF experience it seems like there are a ton of options when it comes to different drugs. I will be getting my progesterone in pill form. I had no idea it came in shot form. I did know they came insert up the vag form. Which I would prefer over shots, I am so done with needles.

Really happy that you are harvesting on Friday. Looking forward to reading how it goes!!

Good luck to you and your little eggs!!!

Court said...

Let's talk progesterone shots. You can do it. Warm the bottle in your hand, sit on a heating pad after the shot and then massage the injection site, not immediately afterwards, maybe 5 minutes later. My sister says she's a wimp and she's done it just fine. She's says it's really not that bad. You will have bruises, but you'll get over it.

As far suppositories, not fun, but if it means a baby, worth it. They also make a new gel one that's like a tampon, so less vagi drama.

You're totally going to rock this. Keep up the good work!

Natalee said...

You can do this!!! One good egg! I will pray.

Melissa said...

Keep checking your blog to see how the harvest went!