Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Arsenal

I started out with one shot of Lupron in my stomach per day. The Lupron is supposed to deaden your natural system so you can be completely controlled by the other drugs. I dreamed of being in rainstorms or showers for a few nights and would wake up realizing I had experienced my first real night sweats. Sort of fascinating, but I'm hoping those don't resurface for at least 20 more years. This week I added two more shots in the stomach; follistim and repronex. These are both to hopefully induce me to make many many eggs. At my last dr appt they told me it appeared that I have the potential to make around 20. I don't have another appt. until next Monday, at which point they will have a better idea of how I am reacting to the shots and may schedule the egg retrieval for Wednesday. It is surreal to finally be doing IVF after I had built it up and feared it so much. So far it isn't even a 10th as scary or dramatic as I imagined. Admittedly, I can imagine that this time when I pee on a stick, the stakes will be really high and there will likely be some drama then, and I also am a little worried that maybe the shots aren't doing their job and I'll just be an eggless hen. Oh yes, and my last post? Well that was pure drama. Let's blame it on the drugs.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad that the last post was hormonal. General freakouts are certainly allowed any time you want.

Also, I didn't realize that IVF moved forward so fast! I thought I'd see months and months of shots and stuff, and then next year you'd get some eggs harvested, and so on. Pretty dang exciting!

That homestudy story is awesome. My kids would be repoed if that dude came to my house.

Do you have tracks on your belly yet?

Court said...

Your arsenal looks good. If that were ammo you'd be ready to move to the Nevada desert. I see great things in your future.

Court said...

P.S. My sister has stage IV endo, did these same drugs, and now has one beautiful 3 yr old curly-haired gal. You can do this.