Friday, February 12, 2010

Now that's sassy

I just wanted to be truthful in that these butt shots are not actually in the butt. They are more in that luscious back muffin-top quadrant. Yummy.

This picture shows one of the bulls-eyes the nurse drew on me to ease H's aim.

And the picture below: I had wanted to post a pic at the time of the original post, but first had to learn how to load the pictures. I am acutely technologically impaired. Also, I was tired after taking no less than 30 shots to get just one picture of my face that i deemed OK. Call it vanity, call it insecurity. I am sure it's both. And the needle was not supposed to look like it is going up my nose. I had to drop pickiness 28 pictures in. I was just going for drama and sympathy. That is one big needle.


Jennifer said...

Let's skip that part where you are shockingly gorgeous with a needle up your nose. We'll move on to the tiniest muffin top ever. It's like a mini muffin. No, I'm wrong. The tiniest muffin top ever is sitting on top of my wedding ring. Yuck.

The circle is GREAT! Does he score the same number of points anywhere in the circle, or is the middle the best?

Natalee said...

You are gorgeous. Jen is right. Also, you have no muffin top. I have plenty o' muffin and would never expose cyberspace to a picture of that part of my body.