Friday, February 12, 2010

Moses, also known as Mom

Well folks. I went in for the retrieval today. It takes less than a half hour, and unfortunately I was not awake to witness the little miracle that took place. H was sitting by me as the doctor inserted the needle and camera. As she did she said "now I will start on the left and collect all the eggs I can, then I will attempt to get to the right...By golly the right ovary has moved! I will start right there." H says she was shocked and got to collecting the right side eggs ASAP as if they might vanish in front of her very eyes. (She probably didn't say "by golly", as no one has said that in decades except for in my dramatic re-telling).

So there you have it. I have 12 little eggs hopefully being courted and knocked up by sperm at this very moment. (Yes, Court I am doing ICSI). I am so happy at this outcome.

I have heard many infertiles talk about loathing their bodies and such and it always seemed like such a sad way to view things, but when my stupid ovary went into hiding, I finally got my share of irrepressible feelings of loathing and failure and guilt. I couldn't even get my bod to cooperate during the procedure meant to help it.

The embryologist will call on Sunday morning to tell us how many surviving embryos we have at that point and hopefully schedule the transfer for Monday (if it is a day three transfer) or Wednesday (if it is a day five transfer).

I called my mom to thank her for having the optimism and faith that I just couldn't muster at the time. And to everyone else who was rooting for me. Thanks just doesn't even cover it.


Sarah said...

That is fantastic news! The prayer of a mother on behalf of her child is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

On a different note, don't feel too bad about getting fat and ugly since you moved away. It happens to the best of us.

Melissa said...

So happy you got 12!!! Amazing!!

Are you experiencing any cramping after the harvest? I was told to expect some minor discomfort. But I think this is varied for women and their pain tolerances.

Can't wait to learn how many fertilized and how the transfer goes!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Mother Moses, you amazing woman!! At the risk of being blasphemous, do you think she could smack a rock and make coke come out?

Seriously, this is so happy and wonderful! Go ovaries! Go ovaries! You will be a constant prayer in my personal and our family prayers through this week of courtship and scoring and planting in fertile womb.

Court said...

12 eggs and your ovary moved! Happy happy day!!

Natalee said...

forget the courtship, those little eggs just need to get knocked up! We don't need formalities. I am so happy for you!!