Sunday, February 21, 2010

The homestudy progress

My adoption license came last week. I was startled and oh so happy it came so fast and oh so happy, did I say that already? It was the only piece I was waiting on in order to get my private homestudy done. The woman conducting that homestudy informed me she will be out of town March first through nineteenth. So though I want to move forward, wrap up the private homestudy and submit an interest form on my Texas kids this very minute, I don't want to go through the homestudy saying "well I may or may not be pregnant." I want to actually know, and I am sure any agency would want to actually know as well. So that puts this show after March 19th. I sort of hate that waiting for this pregnancy test is holding up my adoption plans. Even if it is for just a few more weeks. It makes me feel like I really have let the biological trump the adopted which drives me nuts. But of course I want to appear as sane and thoughtful in the adoption interview as possible, so if the IVF doesn't work I can simply disclose it and discuss it if needed, or just proceed in finding some kids for H & me and baby.


Melissa said...

Congrats on your adoption license. I know how hard adoption can be, that's how I got my beautiful nephew. Luckly my bro and sis in law adopted from a close friend so the process was different and maybe a little easier but man, it was a lot of work for them. But, without all that paper work, home studies background tests, physicals I wouldn't of been able to just skype my little nephew and watch him finger paint all over his face!
Adoption is amazing.

Natalee said...

Congrats!!!! My sister has adopted two kids and is in the process of adopting another. It was such a long process adoptin my niece and nephew but so worth it. I just love them!

Alisha said...

Just got caught up-- sorry about your crappy Sunday. And church hallway or no church hallway, a curse word was warranted. I remember hearing those "just relax & it'll happen" stuff & I actually hope SO BAD that I got pregnant on a month when I was doing fertility drugs rather than an off month because I didn't want to be one of those. Thank goodness for my fertility drug babies!

Have you heard the one about resolving your issues regarding your period? Maybe you should try that one. After the dairy of course.

YAY for adoption license! Next time we talk, I want to hear more about these Texas kids. Maybe they'd want to stay in Texas. Maybe you could move back?? :)

Jennifer said...

I am really stoked about the adoption license! Congratulations! So, what is this new home study all about?

Bio isn't trumping; although biology always seems to muck crap up at the most inopportune times. Periods, cramps, farts, etc. It's just it's M.O.