Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh for the love of sleepy

I think the comments on this blog are far more entertaining than my posts. You guys are hilarious!

In answer to Melissa's question, yes I am crampy after the retrieval, but it isn't specific, really bad squeezing cramps, just the overall hot and fussy feeling in the uti that I often get before my real period comes to town. Not too bad, but definitely chill in bed with a blankie kind of cramps.

However: I will say this tiredness is getting old. Yesterday I slept all day because of the drugs with the exception of a three hour break to eat and watch Disturbia, the scariest PG-13 movie ever made. (OK no, the Skeleton Key is still tops, -thanks for the lifelong nightmares on that miss Jennifer) Not even the second scariest movie ever could stop me from having a lovely little 12 hour sleep. Breakfast this morning was too much. All that bowl to mouth spoon action required a little nap from 11 to noon. The nurse called to check-up today and said this tiredness is due to the progesterone. Apparently it mimicks pregnancy tiredness. WHAT!? Ladies with children please tell me how you adjust to constant sleepy? My eyes have been opened. How do you do it you amazing women you?


Sarah said...

I've been exhausted for 12 years. I don't know what else to say about that.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, so, there is a lot of sleeping going on in the first tri. I fell asleep chewing plenty of times. No shame in that. You just sleep away, girl!

Incidentally, you don't think The Ring is scarier than Skeleton Key? Just asking. "Caroline! I think you broke my legs, child." Iko iko!

ps - if it is really mimicking pregnancy tired, you should be having some sex dreams coming your way. Cheers!

Court said...

All I can say is, make like Nacho Libre, put on your stretchy pants and relax.

Melissa said...

Thanks for answering my question.. I will look forward to the sleep. I haven't been able to get much since my nerves are through the roof right now.

Natalee said...

Girl, you just sleep. Things just don't get done and there is nothing wrong with that.